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Don't ever let the books convince you you need a ton of stuff to take care of an infant — you don't. Cribs, bottle-warmers, wipe-warmers ... much of what you see in catalogues is wholly unnecessary. Some items like changing tables, swings, bottles, strollers and more can be useful later, or in certain limited circumstances, but not usually for a newborn.

Our first baby was born in 1998, our second in 2002. This page is a collection of products we loved during the first couple years of each child's life:

Durable goods


very useful

Drugstore items

Again, most of the stuff you'll see in stores is superfluous. Here's what we actually used during our children's first year:

diaper changes

bathing and dressing

health care

Now you know most of what there is to know about buying for a small baby!


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