Childbirth classes at Sawyer Hill Birth


What you get

Do you prefer small classes in a comfortable setting? Do you want to enjoy the learning process? Do you prefer your teacher to be relaxed, knowledgeable, and open to questions?

If so, you've come to the right place!

I'm an experienced natural-childbirth instructor who loves to share what I learn.

Materials I use in class are high-quality and recent. Handouts — like links given to articles and journal papers — are up-to-date and evidence-based. Videos are enjoyable and easy to watch.

And by registering for a class, you get access to a large and varied lending library! Books, videos, pamphlets, and other media cover pregnancy, nutrition, labor support, breastfeeding, infant and toddler development, baby names, and much more.

What we do in class

Play games. Watch demonstrations. Learn to squat. Discuss all kinds of topics. Rehearse labor positions. Brainstorm. Engage in roleplaying. Talk with guest speakers. Watch videos.

What we talk about

A few of the many topics covered in a comprehensive course are:

  • how your body works and your emotions change during pregnancy
  • how to eat and exercise to keep your body and baby healthy
  • various choices in care providers and places of birth
  • many different ways to relax
  • what the parts of labor look like, and how to support a laboring mom
  • how to work effectively with your partner and your birth team
  • the aftermath of birth
  • nursing your baby
  • taking care of your newly expanded family

Other classes

These kinds of classes can all be arranged on request:

Early-bird classes

Taught in the first half of pregnancy, these introductory sessions cover: the normal changes of pregnancy; nutrition and exercise; choosing a birth team; and the best ways to educate yourself.

Full private comprehensive courses

I'm willing to teach private courses in my home, though costs are greater than registration for a group class. Classes in your (nearby) home can be arranged for an additional travel and transport fee.

Day-long or weekend crash courses

Crash courses are best for second-time or later moms who have already taken a natural-childbirth class, and for moms who decide on intensive classes late in pregnancy.


What to bring

Bring your spouse/partner or another friend or family member you want to assist at your birth. If you can, you'll also want to bring to each class:

  • comfortable clothing (if you're coming directly from work; you're welcome to change here)
  • two bed pillows
  • a blanket or throw to lie on during floor time
  • a water bottle and something healthy to snack on

I'm also open to students bringing a second assistant to class, at no charge. If you're interested in having a close friend or family member attend your birth, now's the time to ask if they'd like to attend any classes with you and your birth partner.


Where and when?

I usually teach in Berlin, MA (near the intersection of I-495 and I-290); see my contact page for directions.

For scheduling information, see my scheduling page.


How much, and how do I sign up?

Tuition and other financial details are explained on my rates page. To sign up, contact me.

I look forward to meeting you and your birth partner(s), and working with you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth!


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